Elevate- Preteen Youth Ministry

Preteens! It's time to ELEVATE your connection to Christ!

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Men's Prayer Breakfast

5:45 a.m., first Friday of each month. Men of all ages are invited to attend.

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Special Needs Game Night

Game Night is for teens and adults with special needs.

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Special Needs Take a Break Respite Care

Take a Break meets every month October through May on the first Saturday of the month.

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Youth on Mission ~ COLLIDE

Enjoy our videos from this years mission trip!




Spring Hill Softball Team 2014

Our Softball team participated in the ALS challenge. They are challenging you to give money not only to ALS, but to the Carcinoid Cancer fund in honor of one of our church members, Kristy McCracken.





Join us for a very special local mission, Love out Loud....... 


Tuesdays Together Fall Classes

Tuesdays Together will provide opportunities
for parent-preschooler interaction through creative praise and 
worship activities, designed to bring others to know the wonders 
About the Courses: Courses will begin at 9:30 am and conclude 
at 11:30 am. We’ll offer two 45 minute classes with a snack 
provided in between. All courses are parent-preschooler (age 3-
5) learning experiences with toddler cooperative care available. 
A $30 family registration fee per semester covers all course 
materials, supplies and morning snacks. All of our snacks are 
peanut free. Check our website for online payment or bring check 
or cash on Tuesday September 16th
during the school year. The first quarter courses from September 16 
 –October 20th. The second quarter courses run from October
27th- December 16. Tuesdays Together follows the Greene County 
School’s inclement weather policy. If schools are cancelled or 
delayed, Tuesdays Together will be cancelled. November 4th
closed due to the  school calendar.
Toddler Cooperative Care- This fall we are excited to continue 
a childcare cooperative for younger siblings. As soon as siblings 
are mobile, they are welcome to explore their surroundings in 
our safe, fun environment. Toddler Care will be staffed with 
the same familiar face each week and parents will volunteer as 
assistants. The number of volunteering opportunities depends 
upon registration numbers. Please see our preschool policy about 
sick children and allergy concerns. If you have any questions or concerns contact the church office at 973-7473 or
First Quarter classes-
KinderPraise- Explore our wonderfully made bodies through music, movement, instruments, and giggles! Each week we will focus on a different part of body and learn how God put together a wonderful body to praise him!
Fun with Virtues- The preschool years are a great time to begin learning about virtues! Each week we'll talk about a different virtue with a story, craft, and activity, along with helpful tips for families to reinforce virtues at home. The virtues we'll examine include patience, obedience, kindness, gratitude, generosity and truthfulness. Come have fun AND develop your child's character.
Dr. Seuss's Body Parts- Explore the unique person you are with the help of Dr. Seuss. Each week we will learn about a different part of the body with a story, craft, and activity.
Second Quarter Classes-
Phonics Fun- Learn the sounds of the alphabet letters. Each week the focus will be on learning what sounds the individual letters make and what sound letter make when blended together. This great pre-reading skill will be reinforced with fun games and activities.
Down on the Farm- E-I-E-I-O! Come and learn about the different farm animals each week. Discover interesting facts and stories about cows, sheep, donkeys and more. Crafts and Activities oh my!
Let's Make Chrismons!- Make a traditional Christmas ornament symbolizing Jesus and the church. Each week we will study a different part of the Nativity story as we prepare for Jesus's birth.

SHBC Softball Team

Watch our Spring Hill Baptist team participate in the ALS Challenge.


Tuesdays Together

Tuesdays Together will provide opportunities for parent-preschooler interaction through creative praise and worship activities, designed to bring others to know the wonders of God’s love.

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